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NextFlex invites electronics manufacturing supply chain participants attending SEMICON West to a lunch briefing at the new NextFlex hub facility in San Jose. NextFlex staff will sharing plans for its manufacturing facility, conducting tours of the cleanroom facilities being constructed, and soliciting inputs on the design and capabilities of this unique facility, which will be the first of its kind.

Flexible hybrid electronics involves the integration of thinned semiconductor or other bulk devices with printed electronics on flexible substrates. This technology is envisioned to enable advanced forms of human monitoring, up to and including “smart bandages” and other therapeutic applications; flexible sensor networks for monitoring of vehicles, buildings, bridges, and other high-value assets; flexible, rollable, and conformable integrated array antennas; and “soft” robotics that utilize flexible electronics to impart and control motion in prosthetics and robotic devices.

These and other applications represent a new set of platforms for semiconductor devices, which have been limited by bulky, rigid chip packages and fixed circuit boards; unlike flex circuits, flexible hybrid electronics involves integrating semiconductor devices in ways that enable a much higher level of flexibility, as well as reducing size, weight, and power consumption. These features will enable semiconductors to be utilized in a new set of IoT edge devices that conform to the body and the built environment, as well as creating new flexible systems.

In addition to funding manufacturing development and demonstration projects through its members, NextFlex is also building the San Jose hub to evaluate, integrate, and demonstrate advanced techniques for flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing, and is soliciting tool, equipment, material, and other electronics manufacturing supply chain participants to make their products available to the Institute as a part of a special membership category. Benefits include a high level of visibility at the NextFlex hub, as well as promotional activities highlighting those vendors that contribute to the hub facility.

NextFlex invites interested companies and organizations to attend the free briefing on July 15th, from 10 AM to 1 PM, with lunch served. The agenda for the event follows.

10:00 Welcome and NextFlex Overview
10:15 Presentation of Facility Plan and Equipment Needs
10:45 Benefits of Membership for Equipment Suppliers
11:00 Q&A
11:15 Facility Tour
12:00 Lunch and Continued Discussion of Facility Plans
1:00 Event Concludes

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2244 Blach Place, Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95131