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The Program

At NextFlex, we have an open, transparent, and highly collaborative approach to developing solutions that will yield enduring value for the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) industry. To that end, we seek to work with the best and brightest to solve the greatest technical challenges facing the industry today, and to help develop the NextFlex Technology Hub to become the valuable member resource we envision it to be.

NextFlex is on the verge of having operational capability to design, prototype, and conduct pilot manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronic devices. This capability is available to NextFlex members for observation, training, and technology transfer, as well as for defined projects under cost recovery. To accelerate the ramp-up of this capability and to speed technology transfer, NextFlex is soliciting proposals from members to temporarily assign technical experts to work in the Technology Hub.

The temporary assignee will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing NextFlex projects, as well as to propose additional projects that support the NextFlex mission of advancing FHE manufacturing maturity. Member companies can claim the fully burdened cost of the employee assigned to NextFlex as an in-kind contribution offset for membership obligations. NextFlex will vet and approve the assignee skills, length of assignment, and amount claimed as the in-kind contribution.

Areas of Expertise Sought

  • Device Integration – experience in assembly processes for bare die, interconnect, or integration onto flexible substrates.
  • Printed Interconnect – experience in techniques for creating high-resolution traces for interconnect to bare die on flexible substrates.
  • Flexible Device Test and Reliability – experience in creating test regimes and analyzing results for evaluation of flexible electronics.
  • Design and Modeling – experience in using commercial design tools to create designs for hybrid devices and systems.
  • Materials – expertise in flexible substrates, conductive inks and adhesives, encapsulants, or related materials.

The Process

  1. Review the “Areas of Expertise Sought” list.
  2. Propose a candidate or candidates from your organization, including their background and areas of interest.
  3. Provide a time-frame estimate in which they would be available.
  4. List any requirements you have, or requests for support from NextFlex, for the prospective temporary assignee.
  5. Email Brian Arbuckle, director of fab operations, or Jason Marsh, director of technology, with any questions and to propose potential assignee candidates.

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