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Senior Device Integration Engineer


This engineer will work in NextFlex’s cleanroom to start up and qualify back-end equipment, as well as develop assembly and packaging processes for FHE devices. One area of focus will be to develop a process for die attachment of thin die (< 50 micrometer thickness) to flexible substrates.

The following skills are required:

  • Experience desired with die attach, thin and ultrathin die processing, SMT, 2.5D and 3D interconnect, wire bonding, flexible substrates, and encapsulation processes.
  • Knowledge of various wafer-level and board-level assembly processes.
  • Use of NextFlex clean room equipment for developing new substrate assembly technologies based on flexible substrates, running process DOEs, SPC, identifying new materials and equipment, reliability testing, and qualification of new processes.
  • Working with both internal and external users to develop flexible hybrid technology assembly methods and evaluate cost, reliability, and manufacturability.
  • Complete reports on assigned projects to internal and external customer request.


Interested candidates should email NextFlex.

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