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Tech Hub Equipment

Equipment and tools available at
the NextFlex Technology Hub

Print Lab Equipment

Optomec Aerosol Jet 5X Digital Printing on 3D Surfaces 5 Axes of Motion, down to 5 µm Features
nScrypt 3Dn-500 Multifunction FHE Tool Printing, PnP, Micromachining, and 3D Printing
Komori PEPIO F6 Offset Gravure Press for Fine Feature Printing Development of Alternate Process for Fine Line (10 µm) Printing
Space Foundry Printer: 74.3.3
Printhead: #135.3
Plasma-jet deposition system Dry Print Process Tailors Ink Material Properties In-situ, Improved Adhesion
SUSS PiXDRO IP410 Digital Print Dispensing Units 1 and 2 Digital Printing with Wide Array of Print Heads for Fine Line
SMIT FLEx PECVD Deposition of Thin Films Deposit Insulating Films for Multilayer Applications
Fujifilm – Dimatix DMP-2850 Tabletop Inkjet Printing Printing Down to 100 µm, Developing Narrower Print Traces
HMI MSP-9156C Screen Print Conductor/Solder (500mm × 500mm Frame) Automatic Flood/Squeegee Bar, High Resolution Vision System
IDS Nanojet Aerosol Printer High Resolution Aerosol Printing <<35µm Resolution on 3 Motion Axes
ChemCubed ElectroUV3D UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer Fine Detail Deposition of Conductive Liquids
ESI LodeStone Laser Ablation, Via Drilling, Dicing Laser Via Drilling and Precision Laser Micromachining
LPKF R4 Laser Ablation, Via Drilling, Dicing Laser Via Drilling and Precision Laser Micromachining
Keyence VK-X200K Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Nano-Scale Inspection 3D Confocal Microscope for Surface Inspection Display Resolution 1 nm
ScanCAD International ScanINSPECT High Precision Flat Bed Scanner Screen/Stencil/Image Inspection
Anton Paar MCR302 Rheometer Characterization of Printable Materials
ramé-hart 250-U4 Goniometer/Tensiometer Contact Angle Measurement
Flacktek DAC 800.2 VAC LR Speed Mixer Laboratory Mixing System
Print Head Doctor PHD11 Automated Ink Jet Head Cleaner Recovery of Solvent, UV and Water-Based Print Heads
Rhinotech HP2536 High Pressure Print Screen Washer Automated Washer with Traveling, Two-Headed Rotating Spray Wand
Voltera Nova Extrusion Print Tool Print & Drill Rapid Prototyping Tool

BTU International PYRAMAX 100N Thermal Cure Conveyor Oven (8 Zone) Cure Film Substrates up to 350ºC with Nitrogen
TestEquity FS4-1 Forced Air Oven Maximum Temperature of 250ºC
TPS – Blue-M DCC-256-C Convection Oven for Thermal Cure Maximum Temperature of 200ºC, Nitrogen Blanketing Available
Yamato DX602C Forced Air Oven Curing of Medical Device Components
PulseForge Invent 30 Photonic Curing and Soldering Sintering, Soldering, Drying of Inks, Solder Pastes, Plastics, Crystals on PET, Polyimide, Paper or Textiles
Heraeus DRS6-210 UV Cure Conveyor 2 1300M UV Lamp and Conveyor, Speed 1-21 fpm
Uvitron International Sunray 400 SM UV Flood Cure Lamp 100MW/sq cm Power, 320–390 nm Wavelength
adphos Mini Lab 230V/25A IR Cure Conveyor 5.5kW Power on 10″ × 12″ Substrate
Teknek DeskTop12″N Contact Cleaner for Substrate Cleaning Tacky Roll Cleaning of Both Sides of 12″ Wide Substrate

Yield Engineering Systems YES-R1 Plasma Asher Multi-Gas Plasma Wafer Cleaning
K&S ATPremier Plus Stud Bumper Wafer Level Stud Bumping and Wire Bonding. Low Temperature Gold Bumping. Bond Placement Accuracy of 3.5µm @ 3 Sigma

Assembly Lab Equipment

Besi Datacon 2200 evo Die Bonder and PnP with Flipchip Die Bonding to Substrates (from Wafer/Gelpak or Tray),

+/- 10 µm Accuracy

Universal Instruments Corp. Fuzion 1-30 Pick and Place PnP Tool from Tape/Tray/Wafer Feeder
Universal Instruments Corp. HSWF High-speed Wafer Feeder 52 Thin Wafer Handling, Eject, Flip Processing
FineTech FINEPLACER pico ma Manual Die Bonder Manual Multi-Purpose Bonder; Heated Stage and Tool; 5um Placement Accuracy
Elmarco NS LAB 500 Conductive Fiber Spinning Electrostatic Spinning of Doped Conductive Fibers for Textile Embedding
UVP (Ultra-Violet Products Ltd) B-100AP High Intensity UV Lamp (365 nm) for Inspection Fluoresces Contamination/Particles During Manual Inspection of Substrates
NSW S400M Dual Head Jet Dispenser Jet-Dispense Two Adhesives Simultaneously Using Two Vermes MDS-3280 Jet Dispensers
ProLam PL-1200 Heated Roll Laminator – 12″ Wide Adjustable Temperature, Speed and Nip Pressure
Digital Knight DK20SP Laminator/Swing-away press 16 X 20” Area, Max. Temperature 315ºC
Leica S9i Optical Microscope Optical Inspection Up to 55X with Image Recording

Test Lab Equipment

TestEquity 115 Temperature Chamber (Environmental Testing) Temperature Range from 23ºC to 175ºC
TestEquity 1007H Temperature Humidity Chamber (Environmental Testing) 1 and 2 Temperature Range from -73ºC to +175ºC, RH 10% to 98%
Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPHS-8 Temperature Humidity Chamber (Environmental Testing) Rapid Cycling, Temperature Range -73ºC to +190ºC, RH 10% to 98%
Q-Lab Xe-3-B Xenon Test Chamber for Sunlight Exposure Multiple Irradiance Ranges, Various Filters Available
Nordson Dage 4000 PLUS Bond Tester Die/Component Shear, Wire Pull and Bump Shear Testing
Jovil Manufacturing Co. 3FDF Fatigue-Ductility Flex Testing Flexural Fatigue Life at Various Bend Radii
Yuasa ET254M002 Endurance Tester Tension-Free Folding
Yuasa DX-ST ST1500100-ST Cycling Stretch Tester Units 1 and 2 Mechanical Cyclic Testing of FHE Circuits
Micromanipulator 450PM-A Probe Station Probe Circuit/Component Test Points
Fanuc SR-3iA Robotic Arm Precision Placement and Assembly
NextFlex/Stäubli TX2-60 6-axis Robotic Tool and Tool Changer Multi-Function Robotic FHE Tool Incl. High Resolution Keyence Vision System, Print Heads and More
Resource Engineering, Inc. N/A Large 5-axis motion machine Precise Multi-Modal and Conformal Printing on Large Parts

Post-Processing Lab Equipment

Salvis Lab VC-20 Vacuum Oven Vacuum, Nitrogen Purge, Maximum Temperature of 200ºC
Formlabs Form 2 3D Print, Clean and Cure Rapid Prototype and Build of 3-Dimensional Parts
Nicomatic 10025-MO Connector Crimping Tool Crimps up to 24 Connectors at 2.54mm Pitch

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