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Today’s leading consumer, medical, communications, industrial and automotive products are driving increasing demand for all kinds of devices: MEMS sensors and actuators, power, microfluidic and photonic devices, and technologies for ADAS (Advanced Driver Awareness and Safety), and more. Now, with the addition of flexible hybrid electronics, an entirely new generation of devices are also emerging—devices and platforms that will deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things.

Working with NextFlex, a robust community of innovators including start-up companies and established manufacturers alike, are benefiting from a collaborative approach to design, development and problem-solving via NextFlex’s state of the art Technology Hub. Offering a full complement of flexible hybrid electronics design, development and manufacturing services, the NextFlex Technology Hub provides the following capabilities:

Design and Development

  • Mechanical design for devices and manufacturing assemblies including final form factor encapsulation and enclosures
  • Electrical design for circuits including antenna designs for bendable and flexible systems
  • Power integration for primary and secondary batteries including power management and energy harvesting
  • Development of standard electrical and mechanical test procedures including application-specific testing
  • Firmware and application development for most common microcontroller platforms, and iOS and Android platforms

Printing and Additive Processing

  • Industrial inkjet printing for functional printing applications, compatible with solvent-based (including nanoparticle), aqueous, hot melt, and UV-curable inks
  • Desktop inkjet printing—deposition of fluidic materials on 8” × 11” substrates up to 25μm thickness
  • Automated screen printing of up to a 16” × 16” print window with vision-alignment
  • Gravure offset printing of up to a 150mm × 150mm print window with automated alignment
  • Fully automated 5-axis aerosol jet deposition of up to a 200mm × 300mm × 200mm print window onto planar (2-D surfaces) and non-planar substrates (3-D surfaces) while supporting a wide variety of functional materials

Print and Substrate Post-Processing

  • Short pulse-width femtosecond laser ablation/trimming of printed functional materials with minimal damage to the underlying substrate as well as via formation and substrate cutting
  • Thermal plasma-based deposition of thin and thick films from vapor phase to a solid-state on a substrate (may also use for ultra-fast stripping, etching or surface treatment) in vacuum
  • Molding/encapsulation by heated press
  • Roll-to-roll handling

Assembly and Integration

  • Automated multi-chip bonding for die (including flip chip) and component attach
  • High mix multi-head pick and place for die and SMD attach

Test and Integration

  • Non-destructive optical and mechanical reliability testing for manufacturing and process measurements including: folding, stretching, strain, controlled cyclic fatigue, tensile, and environmental chambers with temperature, humidity, and full spectrum light cycling
  • Electrical and optical inspection

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