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Calling all ‘Try Something New’ people

Flexible, stretchable, conformal, wearable, and — in some cases — disposable microelectronic devices are beginning to revolutionize the way technology integrates into our day-to-day lives. To realize the full potential of these smart and flexible devices, however, takes more than a proverbial village.

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It takes people coming together from across the United States in industry, academia and state, local and federal governments to collaborate and coordinate their efforts to move what are a series of good ideas from R&D into commercial production, and to concurrently develop a skilled workforce able to manufacture the solution at the other end. And at the center of all of these efforts, acting as the connective tissue binding everything together, is NextFlex.

We are manufacturers

Assemblers, integrators and small, medium and large manufacturers at the forefront of manufacturing innovation — innovation that is advancing the efficiency of our world.

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We are innovators

Forward-thinking Product Designers, Application Developers, Chief Innovation Officers and other technology leaders and visionaries ushering in an era of electronics on everything.

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We are educators

Teachers, Researchers, Professors and Program Administrators who lead high school, community college, undergraduate and graduate level programs focused on technology, innovation and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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Year-In-Review: Flexible Hybrid Electronics Workforce Profile Key Findings

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Workforce Profile Key Findings, is a year-in-review piece produced by the Workforce Intelligence Network and commissioned by Brynt Parmeter to reinforce the need for preparation of the workforce for tomorrow’s advance manufacturing requirements.

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NextFlex is connecting people, companies and educators with opportunities and providing access to the "Who's Who" from across the country – including in local, state and federal government.

NextFlex is providing companies from across the globe the opportunity to have a Silicon Valley hub that showcases their equipment functioning on an active pilot line.

By becoming a part of the NextFlex community, manufacturers from across the country are offloading the investigative process work that is otherwise both time consuming and costly to do in a production fabrication facility.

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