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FlexProTM / FlexAheadTM

Call for Participation

To accelerate the maturation and commercialization of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) technology through awareness building, training, and education, NextFlex is creating two digital learning programs focused on FHE design and manufacturing. The first program, FlexPro,will be a curated series of technical courses designed for engineering professionals via self-paced, asynchronous delivery. A second program, FlexAhead, will cover the same topics but through smaller modules appropriate for university and other post-secondary audiences.

Both programs will include video lecture, presentation materials, lab demonstrations and other content designed to convey critical knowledge, skills, and abilities to central to enabling current (and future!) engineers and product developers to transition from rigid to flexible form factors.

To ensure these programs represent the range of experience, knowledge, and capabilities available throughout the national ecosystem, NextFlex is holding a Call for Participation to allow members to propose content for courses and/or modules.

To learn more about how the Call for Participation works and what we’re looking for, please see below.

FlexPro and FlexAhead are planned to be created as custom, digital resources focused on FHE applications, design, and manufacturing processes. Both programs will include video lectures, presentation materials, lab demonstrations and other content designed to convey critical knowledge, skills, and abilities central to enabling current (and future!) engineers and product developers to transition from rigid to flexible form factors.

Programs will be divided into the following three sections:

  1. Introduction to FHE
  2. FHE Manufacturing In-Depth
  3. Hands-on Experience

Through this Call for Participation, we are soliciting course material contributions from the NextFlex member community that are aligned to example topic areas. The course material content should incorporate clear descriptions and demonstrations of FHE design and manufacturing processes. It is expected that the content contributions will showcase technologies and processes developed by member organizations; however, the intent is to provide educational content rather than to promote organizations or products. The scope of content contributions should be narrow, focusing on specific technologies, processes, or applications, and only include content required for students to gain an understanding of the topic. Content contributions will be integrated into other modules created by the NextFlex engineering staff to highlight the expertise and capabilities of our membership and provides a cohesive overview of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

We are soliciting two primary types of content:

  1. Recorded lectures and presentations that provide background information on materials, equipment, production processes, device performance, etc.
  2. Video demonstrations that showcase specific design and manufacturing processes.

While there are no limits on length of content, in most cases the goal will be for any one element to be 10 minutes or less (multiple elements may be provided, for example, a lecture combined with a video demonstration may be required to cover a given topic). The final FlexPro and FlexAhead programs may be available to NextFlex members, third-party licensees and/or the public at large. Therefore, submissions should not contain any confidential information. NextFlex will select which content will be included in the final FlexPro and FlexAhead programs, which may consist of all, part or none of a particular submission.

How to Participate

  • Submit a content contribution abstract for NextFlex’s evaluation through the Abstract Submission form
    • Deadline: November 1, 2021

Minimum Accepted Video Quality

Click the “Sample Video” tab below for an idea of the general level of quality we are seeking. Any costs incurred by the member in producing videos may be included as an in-kind contribution to NextFlex. See the In-Kind Contributions tab for more information.

Topic Examples
FHE Design Process Design Kit; Systems Design, Simulation
FHE Materials Substrates, Inks
Electronics Printing:
Digital/Direct Write Drop-on-demand/Ink Jet; Aerosol/Vapor Dispense; Microdispense/Extrusion
Master Screen; Flexographic; Gravure; Gravure offset; Imprint lithography
Fluid Coating Meyer rod; Slot die; Spray
Curing and Heat Treatment Thermal; Ultraviolet; Infrared; Photonic/Laser
Post-Print Laser Processing Ablation, Trimming, Panelization
Thinning Silicon ICs
Component Attach Bare die, packaged components; Passive components; Adhesives
Encapsulation Component/Board; Foam, Silicone, Adhesive-Melt/Thermoformed Lamination
Components/Structures Microfluidic channels; Printed/flexible batteries; RF antennas; Chemical sensors
FHE Testing/Characterization
Multi-function Tools Multi-axis control; Roll-to-Roll Processes
To be considered for inclusion in FlexPro and FlexEd, an abstract of proposed content, structure, and quality must be submitted to NextFlex by November 1,2021.

Notice of Selection
NextFlex will notify members of their selection by December 1, 2021.

Final Content Contribution
Content contributions and signed content license agreements due to NextFlex by February 28, 2022. Agreement to be provided by NextFlex after abstract selection.
NextFlex will accept any resources expended (labor, direct expenses such as travel, video production, etc.) as in-kind contributions for reporting to the DoD. In-kind contributions are included within the umbrella of cost share as defined by U.S. Federal Government regulations. Contributions for this program must not be included as contributions for any other federally assisted project or program and are deemed necessary and reasonable for accomplishment of this program. Tier 1 and Tier 2 members have an obligation to provide in-kind contribution and we encourage you to include costs associated with this program as part of normal in-kind contribution reporting. Tier 3 members are encouraged to provide in-kind contribution for this program and NextFlex will provide a worksheet to help with this process.

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