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American industry is changing rapidly, and technology is at the center of that change. STEM-related jobs have grown by 20% over the past 20 years and over the course of the next 10 years almost every job will require at least a basic understanding of advanced technology. At the center of this explosive growth is Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE), the technology that is enabling the “electronics of everything.”

AS OF 2017:

  • 80% of Americans viewed manufacturing as vital to maintaining the economic prosperity of the country.


  • Less than half believe manufacturing jobs are interesting, rewarding, clean, safe, stable, and secure. (Modern Manufacturers, 2017)

Lots of factors are responsible for this, but one of the primary reasons is a lack of a coherent and holistic strategy to connect people to the opportunities in this sector in a meaningful, immersive, and impactful way. This is the problem we are solving at NextFlex.

The next generation of products will change how we live; how we learn and work; and how we play, heal, communicate, travel, and interact with one another and our surroundings.

In just a few years, batteries and solar panels that are printed will be the norm. Paper-thin phones, televisions, and “smart” skin will be commonplace, and everything will be connected through smart sensors and communication devices.

At NextFlex, we are not only leading the development of the technology that will enable many of these innovations, we are also helping to engage the workforce required to design and manufacture these imaginative products. Working closely with industry, government, and local communities across the U.S., we have identified and analyzed the primary gaps in the progression of talent to see where articulation and immersion programs can have the greatest impact and where all players from within the ecosystem can collaborate for mutual benefit.

Whether you represent an industry; an institution of higher education, high school, or middle school; local economic development; or an organization that supports transitioning service members and veterans, we have a portfolio of workforce development and education programs that catalyze capability development across a broad spectrum of audiences. Armed with these capabilities, partners from across the labor market are well positioned to join, lead, and innovate within the advanced technology sector now and throughout the 21st century.

The NextFlex Workforce and Education programs portfolio focuses on three key developmental stages: middle and high school, college and university, and career professional development.

We have several flagship product areas for each stage to include FlexFactor, Flex2Future, and FlexPro. We also provide general consulting services to our partners across the labor market spectrum.

Explore the product areas below and find out how we can work together to create the future of advanced manufacturing.

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