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Member Spotlight: Uniqarta

Meet Uniqarta.

Uniqarta is commercializing next-generation chip assembly technology that places ICs 10,000 times faster than today’s solutions and accommodates ICs that are ten times thinner or smaller.

What would you like others to know about Uniqarta and/or its capabilities?

FlexChip™, one of Uniqarta’s technologies, is a flip-chip assembly solution that places ultra-thin ICs (<50 µm) using conventional pick-and-place tooling. It accomplishes this by augmenting each ultra-thin IC with a thick, temporary “handle” prior to chip placement. This creates chip/handle stacks that conventional die bonders can handle. The handles are attached to the chips by a heat-sensitive material that loses its adhesion during the chip/substrate bonding step. The handles are then easily removed leaving behind just the ultra-thin IC.

Why is Uniqarta interested in Flexible Hybrid Electronics? What opportunities do you see?

Uniqarta was founded in 2013 specifically to commercialize chip assembly technologies for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE). Our founders recognized that one of the most significant unsolved problems with FHE is the question of how to handle, place, and connect ultra-thin ICs and that Uniqarta’s technology has great potential to solve this problem. We see a broad range of opportunities for advanced chip assembly technology both within FHE as well as other areas such as RFID/Internet of Things, wearable electronics, and LED displays and lighting.

How did you get involved in NextFlex, and what are you seeking to achieve through this?

We got involved in NextFlex before NextFlex was founded! Uniqarta was one of the original companies that participated in the FlexTech Alliance’s 2015 proposal efforts that led to NextFlex’s establishment. We were a NextFlex founding member and have been active participants in the Technical Working Groups, Technical Council, and Governing Council. NextFlex is of strategic importance to us as it provides unique opportunities to develop relationships, form strategic partnerships, and establish commercialization paths for our technology.

Since becoming a member, what types of NextFlex activities has your company engaged in?

In addition to the participation noted above, we are involved in two project calls—one as a subcontractor to UMass Amherst, and the second as a prime contractor. We are also frequent participants in Innovation Days, roadmap development work, and other technical events.

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