Workshop: Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications May 15-16 Arlington VA

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Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center, Crystal City, Arlington, VA

Wearables and medical devices, logistics and infrastructure monitoring, and soft robotics for advanced prosthetics and augmented warfighter performance stand to be revolutionized by Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE).

Success, however, depends on innovative power sources or power management schemes that meet the challenging flexible, stretchable, unobtrusive form factors and such varied use cases as a 12-hour wearable monitor for an assembly line worker, to a multi-year unattended infrastructure sensor in an austere environment enabled by FHE.

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Wearable electronics are finding emerging applications in mobile health, rehabilitation, prosthetics/exoskeletons, athletic training, human-machine interaction, etc. However, skin is soft, curvilinear, and dynamic, whereas wafer-based electronics are hard, planar, and rigid. As a result, state-of-the-art wearables can only be strapped or clipped on human body. The development of flexible and …

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NextFlex Headquarters, San Jose, CA

Last August saw the launch of the newly established NextFlex Headquarters and Technical Hub with Innovation Opening Day. Please join us for Innovation Day 2018 to celebrate a year of Manufacturing, Innovating, and Educating with demos, networking, and a tour of our state-of-the-art Flexible Hybrid Electronics pilot manufacturing facility.

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