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Bringing The FHE Community Together

Life Sciences Laboratory, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Join us for advanced manufacturing approaches and platforms for accelerating the commercialization of FHE devices and systems from prototype to low volume to high volume production. This workshop will cover FHE applications from wearables to IoT and asset monitoring; FHE manufacturing (scalable printing and integration); and FHE processing (roll-to-roll).

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NextFlex Headquarters, San Jose, CA

A Look at Tomorrow Today At the third annual Innovation Day, more than 50 FHE-enabled technology displays wowed attendees in areas of printed conformal antennas on drones, soft robotic exoskeletons, e-tattoos, microfluidic and self-oxygenating bandages, flexible e-materials, and more. GE SI2 Save the Date The fourth annual NextFlex Innovation Day …

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