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Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa, Monterey, CA, USA
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2018FLEX – From Materials to Markets

For the past 17 years, the Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition—2018FLEX— have been witnessing flexible hybrid electronics grow from a newly established technology to a rapidly developing technology leading changes in IoT, smart medtech, smart automotive, smart manufacturing and more.

This year, 2018FLEX will be co-located with MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC). Since 2001, MEMS & Sensors Industry Group has been hosting its annual technical conference with their primary focus on addressing the market and technology challenges in moving up the value chain and identifying critical market pull.

With over 600+ attendees, FLEX is the premier event of the year to kick off 2018. From fundamental materials to applications and end users, we cover an extensive range of topic areas in 3 days packed with information. MSTC and FLEX attendees are encouraged to attend each other’s talks.

LEARN about the latest technology developments at the 3 days technical conference. With over 120+ speakers from FLEX and MSTC, we cover the bases to make the largest impact on your R&D.

INTERACT with your customers, industry colleagues, and academia inside the bustling Exhibit Hall. Celebrate R&D in its purest form. Tinker with conductive inks and admire the newest flexible displays. Flex materials in the stress-testing booths. Stop by FLEXTalk for a short demonstration. Don’t forget to ask questions!

COLLABORATE at the Networking Reception. Create strategic business connections at the Welcome Reception. Discuss pressing questions at the Women in Tech Breakfast. Take advantage of our many Networking opportunities.

DISCOVER the R&D accomplishments at acclaimed academic universities through our Student Posters gallery.

Join us in the idyllic seaside city of Monterey, California on February 12-15, 2018.

Stay tuned for more information and we’ll see you at 2018FLEX & MSTC 2018.

For Exhibitor and Sponsorship information, contact Eric Rude at or call 408.943.7047.

MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress 2018 – MEMS & Sensors Systems: Creating Sixth Senses

The range of innovative new products incorporating MEMS and Sensor devices is rapidly growing. Applications are wide and varied from sensors for fully autonomous systems (including robotics, industrial and vehicle applications) and wearable devices to agricultural devices that measure sunlight, soil pH, and moisture content to products aimed at enhancing athletic performance such as golf, tennis, and basketball and the list goes on and on.

Presentations will focus on system level solutions incorporating MEMS and/or Sensor Devices, unique applications, and innovative technological or market solutions.  Integration challenges and system level architecture decisions are driven by the particular use-case. Each application has unique requirements which may include power efficiency, computational capability, wireless interconnectivity, software algorithms as well as data collection, interpretation, and encryption. Speakers will elucidate these challenges and describe how to manage and successfully implement to essentially Create Sixth Senses towards total system solutions.

FLEX’s Executive Committee

Conference Chairs

  • Bob Praino, Chasm Technologies

Conference Advisors

  • Ana Claudia Arias, UC Berkeley
  • Erica Montbach, Kent Displays
  • Paul Cain, FlexEnable
  • Kathy Olenick, ENrG Incorporated
  • Jens Degenhardt, Applied Materials WEB Coating GmbH
  • Mark Poliks, Binghamton University
  • Doyle Edwards, Brewer Science
  • Robert Reuss, Chemistry & Electronics Technology
  • Stephen Farias, NanoDirect LLC
  • Frank Shemansky, SEMI I MEMS Group
  • Sean Garner, Corning Incorporated
  • Yitzchak Shpitzer, flex
  • Emmett Howard, Arizona State University
  • Tolis Voutsas, Ares Materials, Inc.
  • Kei Hyodo, Konica Minolta Inc.
  • Yu Xia, Flexterra Inc.
  • Jason Marsh, NextFlex

MSTC Speaker Selection Committee

  • Rajashree Baskaran, Intel Corporation
  • Uma Krishnamoorthy, Bosch
  • Michelle Bourke, Lam Research Corporation
  • Mike Mignardi, Texas Instruments
  • Allyson Hartzell, Veryst
  • Rob O’Reilly, Analog Devices
  • David Horsely, UC Davis
  • Dirk Ortloff, camLine
  • Roger T Howe, Stanford University
  • Eric Pabo, EV Group
  • Thomas Kenny, Stanford University
  • Frank Shemansky, SEMI
  • Nicole Kerness, Kionix
  • Jason Weigold, MEMStaff
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