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FLEXINAR: Polymer Thick Film Conductor Compositions for Printed Electronics

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This 60-minute Flexinar will cover existing and emerging conductive paste technologies such as new thermoplastic silver compositions that offer greater flexibility and stretch. It will answer the question, “What is Polymer Thick film?” and provide a understanding of the critical processing parameters for these materials. Substitutes to silver such as copper, silver-coated copper, and other alloys will be discussed. We will also explore the progress, requirements, and challenges for applications such as printed sensors, wearable electronics, antennae, EMF shielding, in-mold electronics, automotive, RFID tags, PTC heaters, along with many other applications.


NextFlex DuPont John Crumpton smallJohn Crumpton has worked for DuPont’s Photovoltaics and Advanced Materials division for 32 years. As their senior technical specialist, Mr. Crumpton supports DuPont’s Printed Electronic and Hybrid materials offering. He holds a degree in microelectronics from Durham Technical Institute.




Wednesday, December 13, 2017
10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST



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