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FLEXINAR: Solderless Assembly for Electronics. Is S.A.F.E. really safe?

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The Occam Process for the design and manufacturing of electronic assemblies was first introduced to industry in 2007. The process eliminates most soldering operations from the electronics assembly process, thereby potentially reducing cost and size while increasing performance, reliability and environmental friendliness. This 60-minute Flexinar will describe the Occam Process in detail and illustrate example FHE circuits.


NextFlex FjelstadJoseph Fjelstad, founder, CEO, and CTO of Verdant Electronics, is a 45-year veteran of the electronics manufacturing industry and an internationally recognized author, lecturer, and innovator with more than 180 patents in the field. His books include writings on PCB fabrication, IC packaging technology, and flexible circuitry including “Flexible Circuit Technology 4th Edition” which is the most widely owned, read, and used book on the topic in the world. His current focus is on solderless assembly technology inspired by 14th century English monk, philosopher, and logician William of Occam who suggested: “It is vanity to do with more that which can be done with less.”


Thursday, July 27
10:00 AM-11:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM-2:00 PM EDT)

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