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MRS Webinar: Materials Enabling Flexible Hybrid Electronics

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MRS OnDemand(r) Webinar Series

In partnership with NextFlex.


  • Jason Marsh, Director of Technology, NextFlex


  • Azar Alizadeh, Senior Material Scientist, GE Global Research
  • John Williams, Senior Engineer for Additive Electronics , Boeing Research & Technology
  • Jeffrey Meth, Technical Fellow, DuPont

This 90-minute webinar will focus on the importance of developments in materials and processes in the growing market of flexible hybrid electronics. The session will begin with a discussion of critical materials needs for flexible and stretchable hybrid electronics manufacturing by NextFlex. Next, Boeing will present commercial requirements for asset monitoring applications. Following that, GE will present on clinical medical requirements for the future of healthcare that impact materials choices. Finally, DuPont will present on how they take materials from research to market in support of the future of FHE manufacturing.


  • Title TBA
    • Azar Alizadeh, GE Global Research
  • Materials for Flexible Hybrid Electronics With Application Examples
    • Jeffrey Meth, DuPont
  • Title TBA
    • John Williams, Boeing Research and Technology

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