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WEBINAR: Manufacturing a Flexible Version of an Arduino® Microcontroller Board

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In February, NextFlex® proved manufacturability of a flexible version of an Arduino Mini microcontroller. What is an Arduino? It’s an open source microcontroller-based system for automation and IOT applications, used widely for prototyping and has freely available compilers and hardware extension kits. There are many devices that require flexible form factors that would benefit from this developer tool, but currently Arduino is only available in a rigid format. The presenter will describe the FHE manufacturing process used in converting the rigid board to an FHE version, and how the results measured up, including the number of process steps required and how the form factor changed in terms of size, weight, and more. Specifically, the presenter will describe how a standard copper flex process has been modified to use a new additive flexible hybrid electronics approach. Finally, the presenter will share learnings from the experience and insight into what’s next at NextFlex.


Wilfried Bair
Senior Engineering Manager – Device Integration & Packaging

Wilfried Bair is responsible for device integration and system level hardware projects for NextFlex. Prior to joining NextFlex, Wilfried was VP of Business Development for Tango Systems where he developed strategic partnerships and led them to enter the two fastest growing semiconductor packaging market segments, establishing them as a market leader. Previously, as VP of Strategic Business Development for SUSS Microtec AG, Wilfried provided leadership to business units, identifying disruptive technology gaps, new marketing opportunities and acquisition targets. Other positions held at SUSS were GM, North American Operations, and Division Manager of Wafer Bonders. Wilfried’s technical expertise spans leading edge packaging processes, next generation solar and energy storage, semiconductor equipment and process, and device expertise for automotive, consumer and medical applications.


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