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Workshop: Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications

Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center, Crystal City, Arlington, VA
Cost: Varies

Presented by: NextFlex Logo 150px Wide  Sponsored by: Lockheed Martin

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NextFlex Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications

NextFlex FHE Workshop Next Generation Electronics for Defense ApplicationsThis workshop brings together members of the US flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) ecosystem from both commercial and government organizations, as well as DoD personnel with operational needs, to share information about how FHE will enhance warfighter capabilities.

FHE leads the next revolution in electronics; it is the technology that will enable much of the Internet of Things and a generation of electronics in novel forms and mediums. FHE enables the attachment of ultra-thin semiconductor/sensor devices to flexible, conformable, stretchable substrates, such as fabrics or aircraft wings, or to flexible systems such as soft robotic exoskeletons and prosthetics. These technologies can be leveraged to improve devices and components by reducing the footprint and volume, directly applying them to an item or substrate, and integrating devices into common current products.

In developing new products for these civilian, defense, and dual-use purposes, many of the manufacturing challenges are the same, but the differences are significant, including the new technology integration path. To address these varied challenges, NextFlex has developed a workshop to bring together both sides of the issues, to share and learn, so that the FHE community can actively develop targeted approaches to solving the most critical DoD needs.

Who Should Attend

  • Traditional and non-traditional defense contractors
  • US government staff with electronics operational needs
  • Program office engineering staff looking for new solutions and performers
  • FHE technology developers from commercial, academic, and government organizations
  • Designers and manufacturers of defense electronics
  • Members of the FHE community who want to better understand defense applications


Click to download the agenda

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018

8:00am    CHECK-IN and BREAKFAST (Auditorium)

8:30am    WORKSHOP

8:30am    Welcome – Jeffrey Stuart, Lockheed Martin

8:40am    Introduction – NextFlex

8:50am    Keynote – Robert Irie, DoD OSD AT&L Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy Office (MIBP)


SESSION 1 CHAIR: Lt. Col. Melinda Eaton; Deputy Project Manager, Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine PMO, USAMMDA


1.1.1 “Creating Pathways for Innovation” Basic Research Office in the Office of the Secretary of Defense


1.1.2 “Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP) Overview” Military Operational Medicine Program


1.1.3 “Health Readiness and Performance System Product Development Effort” U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA)


1.1.4 “Wearable Technologies and Regulation of Devices” U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, Office of Regulated Activities



1.2.1 “Conformal Exoskeletons and Flexible Electronics” Lockheed Martin


1.2.2 “Hydration Sensor Patch for Human Performance Monitoring” GE Global Research Center; Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory


1.2.3 “PHYSIO: A Smart Garment Platform for Advanced Physiological Monitoring” Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory; and Human Systems Integration


1.2.4 “Vital Signs and Electromyography Monitoring Capability for the Warfighter (TALOS Baselayer)” Flex




SESSION 2 CHAIR: Kenneth Blecker; Research Engineer, ARDEC

2.1 “Structural Health Management: A Rotorcraft Perspective” Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company


2.2 “Fabrication Challenges for Soldier Active Eyewear” Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center


2.3 “Integration of Flexible Hybrid Electronics to Increase the Effectiveness of Monitoring Munitions Assets to Address the U.S. Army Modernization Priorities” U.S. Army RDECOM ARDEC


2.4 John Hotmer, UTC AerospaceSystems


SESSION CHAIR: Joseph Kunze; President and CEO, SI2 Technologies, Inc.

3.1 “Additive Manufacturing Materials for Liquid Cooled T/R Module” NSWC Crane


3.2 “Radome is an Antenna” Navy PEO C4I, PMW/A-170


3.3 “Soldier-borne Sensors and Power Enabled by Novel Materials, Modeling, and Microantennas” NSRDEC


3.4 Boeing Research and Technology


3.5 Raytheon Company


3.6 Northrop Grumman


3.7 Lockheed Martin


5:00pm   Conclusion

5:30pm   NETWORKING RECEPTION (Space Experience Center)

7:30pm   ADJOURN


1. This day is reserved for NextFlex members and government partners only.

2. Attendance capacity for breakout B is now full; those who register for this portion will be added to a wait list.

7:30am   CHECK-IN and BREAKFAST (Auditorium)

8:00am  Keynote: Michael Doctor, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy RDT&E


8:25am   Overview of DoD Needs and Requirements and the NextFlex FHE Roadmap
A working session to identify opportunities, challenges, and priorities to support anticipated defense and other government needs in three NextFlex Technical Platform Demonstrator/application areas. NextFlex members and government partners will lay a foundation for roadmapping and potential collaborative funded project efforts.

8:40am   BREAKOUT A

  • Warfighter Health and Performance Monitoring
  • Structural Health and Asset Management
  • Antennas and Wireless Communication

10:30am BREAKOUT B

  • Warfighter Health and Performance Monitoring
  • Structural Health and Asset Management
  • Antennas and Wireless Communication

12:00pm   END



Lockheed Martin
Global Vision Center
2121 Crystal Dr, Ste 100
Arlington, VA 22202


Residence Inn Arlington Capital View – $289 block rate, expiring April 20th.


Book soon; limited rooms at this rate are available and rates rise quickly in this area.

  • Free hot breakfast
  • 0.6 mile / 11 minute stroll to the workshop at Lockheed
  • 1 mile to DCA airport
  • Free shuttle service to and from DCA airport
  • Free internet

Other hotels near the workshop


Member Registration – $230
Non-member Registration* – $350 (*non-members must be a government contractor to register)
Government – $0

Early bird rate ends April 20th.

After April 15th, there is no refund. Substitutions are allowed.


Unable to view the registration form? Contact NextFlex by email or call 408-797-2218.

Planning Committee

Azar Alizadeh, GE Global Research
Scott Anderson, Lockheed Martin
Kenneth Blecker, ARDEC
Melinda Eaton, USAMMDA
Eric Forsythe, ARL
Mark Gordon, MFG Strategy
Alice Hatfield, Lockheed Martin
Craig Herndon, NSWC
Daniel Hines, LPS
Dave Kalinske, Flex
Joseph Kunze, SI2 Technologies, Inc.
Benjamin Leever, AFRL
Claire Lepont, UMass Lowell
Bryan Mitsdarffer, NSWC
Brian Olson, NSWC
Wayde Schmidt, UTRC
Geoffrey Slipher, ARL
Robert Smith, Boeing
Roger Smith, NSWC
Jeff Stuart, Lockheed Martin
Christian Whitchurch, DTRA
James Zunino, ARDEC



Contact NextFlex by email or call 1-408-797-2218.

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