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CADENCE Program Webinar: Space Foundry

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Space Foundry has developed atmospheric pressure plasma jet technology to print electronic materials on both flexible and non-planar substrates. Aerosolized ink travels through the print head, where the plasma is generated. The plasma helps in tailoring the material properties in-situ, directs the materials to the substrate, and primes the substrate for better adhesion. This unique technology has potential to reduce on high quality inks, reduce process steps (curing of inks), and expand the portfolio of materials able to be printed and printed on.


  • Introduction – Ed Hendricks, NextFlex
  • NextFlex Support to Space Foundry – Amy Mueller, NextFlex
  •  Space Foundry Presentation – Ram Gandhiraman
    • How has the CADENCE Grant / NextFlex Support has benefitted Space Foundry?
    • Space Foundry and the plasma printer
    • Next steps for Space Foundry
  • Q&A Opportunities for audience


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