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FLEXINAR: Presented by ChemCubed: Inkjet Printing for the Adoption of Mass Additive Manufacturing

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FLEXINAR: Presented by ChemCubed: Inkjet Printing for the Adoption of Mass Additive Manufacturing

9/13/202310:00am PDT1 hour

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The advancement of materials in recent years has provided exciting opportunities for the additive manufacturing (AM) of electronics, both flexible and rigid. Bringing AM to a broader consumer requires the highest reliability of material quality and system performance. ChemCubed has developed particle-free reactive silver inks, providing the highest conductive performance, sintering efficiency, and printing reliability available commercially. ChemCubed has also cultivated dielectric materials that support flexible printing technology from proof of concept to scalable manufacturing. In addition to developing materials with robust and reliable performance, ChemCubed built the ElectroJet, a fully functional system of products and processes that are appropriate for use in the design, research/development, prototyping, and light-scale manufacturing of printed electronic circuitry.

In this 60 minute live demonstration, ChemCubed and NextFlex will partner to show how the Electrojet technology works; producing a multilayer flexible circuit board in real time. ChemCubed’s proprietary inks and printing systems can be used for many applications including printed circuitry (circuit boards and electronics packaging), displays, wiring harnesses, passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors), RFID, sensors, shielding and antennae applications, semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaics, and wearables. There is extensive overlap in the applicability of the materials and print systems tested in our commercially available systems and the marketability to a solve a variety of needs in the medical, automotive, aerospace, military, and commercial manufacturing sectors. Current R&D efforts include assessing the inks and printing techniques under extreme environmental stressors, including testing for lower Earth orbit and space applications.

Daniel Slep, Ph.D.; CEO and Lead Engineer at ChemCubed
Nick Bonura, M.S.; Product Manager at ChemCubed
Race Carter; FHE Design & Process Engineer at NextFlex

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