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FLEXINAR: New Ultra-High-Speed 3D Imaging Technology for Printed & Flex-Hybrid Electronics Metrology Applications (Presented by FocalSpec)

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In this 60-minute webinar FocalSpec’s introduces patented Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology that was developed to characterize 3D features of various surface and material types at sub-micron resolution. LCI enables quick automatic imaging of challenging objects that are difficult or impossible to measure with traditional methods. Examples of such products include glossy, mirror-like and transparent surfaces, such as polymer films, glass, inks and high-contrast multi-surface objects. LCI can be used to scan fast-moving surfaces in reel-to-reel applications as well as stationary product samples in R&D and QC laboratories.


Juha SailyJuha Saily is a technical sales and marketing professional with FocalSpec, Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. He is a graduate of the Raahe Institute of Computer Engineering in Raahe, Finland, with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. Prior to joining FocalSpec, Juha held various technical, sales, marketing and management positions with Nokia Cellular Phones in Finland; TopWave Ltd in Finland and Mexico City; and Computone Corporation, Inx-Systems, Inc. and Techno Product, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Juha’s special interests include manufacturing processes, Statistical Process Control and optical sensors.


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