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FLEXINAR: Integrated Deposition Solutions presents – NanoJet™ Aerosol Printing – The Next Generation in Aerosol Printing

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Integrated Deposition Solutions (IDS) has developed the next-generation aerosol printing technology, trademarked NanoJet™ (NJ), for printed electronics applications. This unique aerosol printing technology combines hydrodynamic and aerodynamic focusing of aerosol droplets to print lines with exceptional edge quality down to 10um in width. The print tool is easy to operate, easy to clean and can be maintained in a few minutes. Through this development, IDS was able to significantly reduce the cost of ownership for aerosol printing to allow a broader market to now purchase and use aerosol printing. The speaker will discuss the history behind developing the NJ print technology, the current state of the NJ print technology, provide results for print stability testing, review cleaning and maintenance procedures and present videos and images of various aerosol printing applications. The presenter would also like to encourage feedback from the Flexinar audience so IDS can continue to improve the NJ technology in critical application areas.


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David Keicher, Vice President, Integrated Deposition Solutions

Mr. Keicher was the founder of Optomec and has been instrumental in commercializing both the LENS and AJ processes at Optomec. Mr. Keicher was the CTO and VP at Optomec for almost 15 years. Mr. Keicher performed the CFD work and hardware design for the development of the NJ print technology. Mr. Keicher has been working in the field of Additive Manufacturing since 1993 and is an inventor on numerous patents associated with 3D metal printing and aerosol-based printing technologies.

Mr. Keicher is a proven leader and innovator in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). Since 1993, he has been involved in research, development and commercialization of several key AM technologies that continue to drive the industry today. His research in laser processing led to the development of the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) process which was the first 3D metal printing process. The LENS process continues to be an industry standard for achieving exceptional material properties in 3D printed metals and many of the early LENS innovations have been adapted to advance emerging 3D metal printing processes.

Mr. Keicher’s R&D efforts have significantly impacted AM in the area of printed electronics. LENS based R&D efforts gave rise to the development of Aerosol Jet (AJ) printing technology and provided supporters with confidence in successful development and deployment of an AM technology to directly print electronic circuits and components. Aerosol printing technologies are emerging a preferred method to create high resolution features and to print electronic features over non-planar surfaces for commercial applications.

Most recently, Mr. Keicher has been able to build upon his experience in AM to establish novel metal and printed electronic capabilities. New innovations in process control and monitoring are providing the necessary building blocks to qualify 3D metal printing processes for high consequence applications. Building upon AJ experience and knowledge, Mr. Keicher in collaboration with Dr. Marcelino Essien has been able miniaturize the aerosol print technology and developed a complimentary printing technology based on liquid filaments. These ongoing efforts will continue to impact the growth and implementation of AM processes worldwide.


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