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FLEXINAR: Presented by University at Buffalo – High-Temperature Cu Ink Materials for Printable Hybrid Conformal Electronics

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Printable copper has attracted immense interest in advanced electronics attributed to its abundance, high electrical and thermal characteristics. However, copper is easily oxidized limiting reliability under extreme environments, which requires constant operation at elevated temperatures and reactive atmospheres.

During this Flexinar, Dr. Shenqiang Ren, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Chemistry at SUNY-Buffalo, will describe the hybridization strategies for achieving a thermally stable, high ampacity, anti-oxidation and -corrosion printed copper conductor by utilizing two-dimensional single-crystalline copper (111) nanoplates as the building block, with the capability of being printed on flexible ceramics. The team elucidated the anti-oxidative copper nanostructures with a low sheet resistance of 4mΩ/sq/mil by means of surface coordination that inculcates high oxidation and corrosion resistance on a molecular level, as well as preferential stacking of copper nanoplates. These improved characteristics of hybridized copper at high temperatures are distinctly suited for the emerging high temperature flexible electronics with the recent surge of portable, flexible, miniaturized and versatile smart electronics. In addition, flexible dielectric material with thermal management will also be discussed.


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