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FLEXINAR: Designing Lasting Performance in Flexible Electronics (Presented by YUASA)

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New form factors in components and products are continuously being introduced today. Some examples of products for personal use are foldable smartphones, wearable sensors, and smart IoT speakers with AI. Examples of components are curved screens, metal ink compounds, bendable batteries, and bendable antennas. New material components will be needed for electric and autonomous vehicles, and elsewhere.

As the design of our future electronics systems shifts from their past rigid state to being made from flexible hybrid materials and components, innovators will require new methods to design continuous and lasting mechanical performance into their product designs, as well as new methods for testing those new products.

What will be needed is a series of unique, scalable, and modular mechanical endurance testing solutions for ambient and hostile conditions, with the added ability of measuring the performance of the flexible components throughout the enhanced testing cycle.

Those testing solutions may include, as examples, flexing, stretching, rolling, twisting, and bending machines. You may wish to increase the stress during testing to the breaking point, to determine the limits of the components. And you may wish to use equipment that allows you to test twisting, for example, without tension to better understand how the component reacts to different types of stress.

The machines should provide the capability of simultaneously making measurements of resistance, temperature, tension, capacitance, etc., of the components as they are undergoing testing in order to provide information that can be used for worst-case design.

YUASA SYSTEMS is marking its twenty-fifth anniversary by reaffirming its US tailored support programs available to all innovators from academia, government, corporations, and start-ups by making available, on a permanent basis, its cutting-edge flexible hybrid electronics solutions at NextFlex in San Jose, California.


Yuasa Eisuke 100 x 150Eisuke Tsuyuzaki drives innovation and turns corporate vision into scalable strategic initiatives; is currently an investor and advisor to numerous start-ups, mid-cap enterprises in advanced technologies bridging the United States and the Pacific Rim; and serves as General Manager to Yuasa Systems, manufacturer of modular endurance systems, an affiliate member of Nextflex.

Previously, Tsuyuzaki served as an Advisor to the Japanese Government/trade organization for Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor industries; was also the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Corporate development at Panasonic North America where he led numerous new technology products and services from concept, standardization and corporate partnerships.

Before joining Yuasa, Tsuyuzaki held executive positions at Panasonic, Sony Corporation and Sony Pictures including as Senior VP of Digital Operations and Business Development at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Tsuyuzaki holds a BSc in economics from Tokyo’s Sophia University and graduated from the UCLA and Stanford graduate school of business. Awarded an Emmy, and Home Media’s Home entertainment visionary award.


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