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NextFlex Virtual Workshop: FHE for Automotive Applications

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This event will focus on the role of flexible hybrid electronics in the auto industry for such topics as: autonomy, in-car informatics, and communication devices. It will also discuss flexible hybrid electronics technology advancements in other application areas such as in aerospace, antennas, medical wearables, and structural health monitoring that have already proven benefits for light-weighting, smaller, thinner form factors, and conformability, and can have applicability in automotive systems.



8:00am – 8:05am PST – Welcome

8:05am – 9:30am PST – Session I: The Role of FHE in Autonomy

8:05am – 8:10am

8:10am – 8:30am – The Road to Autonomy and FHE in the Automotive Industry

8:30am – 8:50am – True Solid-State LiDAR. Solutions of LiDAR Integration in Autonomous Vehicles

8:50am – 9:10am – Fit, Form, and Function: Considerations in the Manufacture of Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Automotive Applications

9:10am – 9:30am – Panel Discussion

9:30am – 9:45am PST – BREAK

9:45am – 11:10am PST – Session IIA: FHE in In-Car Informatics – Human Machine Interface

9:45am – 9:50am

9:50am – 10:10am – Structural Electronics Based on Printed Electronics for Advanced HMI in Automotive Applications

10:10am – 10:30am – Market Launch of Printed Electronics in the Automotive Industry

10:30am – 10:50am – A New Way to Drive Flexible Sensors for High SNR

10:50am – 11:10am – Panel Discussion

11:10am – 11:25am PST – 10 MINUTE BREAK

11:25am  – 12:50pm PST – Session IIB: FHE in In-Car Informatics – Visual Information Displays and Enablers

11:25am – 11:30am

11:30am – 11:50am – Phosphorescent OLED Display Technology for Automotive Applications

11:50am – 12:10pm – Conformable HDR Displays and Smart Windows to Activate Almost Any Surface in Cars

12:10pm – 12:30pm – Flexible Inorganic Substrates for Electronic Device Integration

12:30pm – 12:50pm – Panel Discussion

12:50pm – 1:05pm PST – BREAK

1:05pm – 2:30pm PST – Session III: FHE in Communications and Sensing: Synergies to Automotive

1:05pm – 1:10pm

1:10pm – 1:30pm – FHE Manufacturing for a 5G Environment

1:30pm – 1:50pm – Conformal Electronics

1:50pm – 2:10pm – Low Profile, Flexible and Long Pressure Sensor Stripes for Aerodynamic Measurements at Surfaces of Aircrafts and Vehicles

2:10pm – 2:30pm – Panel Discussion

2:30pm PST – Wrap Up

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