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FLEXINAR: Presented by NTVUSA: Innovative Multi-Functional Printing Systems and High Performance Inks

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Dean Turnbaugh, Founder, NTVUSA; Michael Schläfli, CEO, NSM Norbert Schläfli AG; and Gregoire Staelens, Technical Support Engineer, GenesInk will acquaint the FHE professional with the latest technologies for fully integrated printing systems and leading edge conductive and transparent ink performance. The attendee will learn how a Swiss company can design and build custom tailored sheet based or R2R systems for R&D or pilot production. These solutions range from multi printer desktop systems to 10+ stations for complex projects with 10um layer to layer registration.

Norbert Schlafli has installed over 400 FHE systems in Europe and is now being introduced to North America. Attend to see what NSM has to offer FHE companies that is unique to the FHE industry and why the systems have been so successful in Europe.

GenesInk develops high performance ink products with innovative performance in the areas of conductivity, flatter lines, smoother lines, stretchability and high current capability. Custom ink formulations maximize performance for your specific application requirements.


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