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Bringing The FHE Community Together

Arlington, VA

Join us for a brief overview of PC 5.0 topics and the proposal submission, review, and selection process. You will have the chance to meet and network with potential collaborators and begin PC 5.0 Discussions. Members, Government Partners, and Non-members are welcome.

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Join us at Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center in Arlington, VA for this two-day workshop where we will align NextFlex’s FHE Design and Manufacturing with DoD priorities. We will discuss FHE success stories and expand current FHE capabilities. The event will include a variety of networking opportunities as well as a reception in the Space Experience Center and a tour of the Lockheed Martin Corporate Legacy Experience and 100 Moments. The workshop will conclude with a technology breakout for NextFlex members only.

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Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa, Monterey, CA, USA

The 18th Annual Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition – FLEX 2019 – will be returning to the Monterey, California, February 19-21, 2019.

FLEX 2019 – Building Outside the Box.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) are high-performance, integrated devices. Curved and variable in form factor, they augment day-to-day life with diverse applications, enabling us to interact with our surroundings like no personal computing devices have ever before.

As new methods for creating them emerge, business and supply chain paradigms are increasingly challenged. That’s what Building Outside the Box is all about. Thought-leaders will highlight the latest technology breakthroughs and business strategies, and provide informative demonstrations of flexible hybrid and printed electronics products, equipment, and materials, as well as the unique electronics applications they enable.

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Hyatt Regency Hotel, Monterey, CA

NextFlex members convene for Technical Council, Governing Council, Member Reception, and Technical Working Groups meetings once again at the annual Flexible Electronics Conference (2019 FLEX) at Monterey, California, to advance U.S. manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics.

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Online (GoToWebinar)

In this 60-minute webinar FocalSpec’s introduces patented Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology that was developed to characterize 3D features of various surface and material types at sub-micron resolution. LCI enables quick automatic imaging of challenging objects that are difficult or impossible to measure with traditional methods. Examples of such products …

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