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The Future of the Workforce: Meet the Change-makers

NextFlex Roundtable: Mission College and STEM Learning & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion




About this Event

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NextFlex staff and special guests provide encouragement to students during a virtual FlexFactor Final Pitch earlier this year.

Join us for a virtual roundtable where we will discuss the complex relationship between technology, STEM sector education and employment, socioeconomic opportunity, and diversity/equity and inclusion. The discussion will feature representatives from government, government agencies, industry, education, and the nonprofit sectors who will lead us through a conversation on why each of the areas is important and how they interact to hinder or promote progress.


Sep 29, 2021 10:30 AM Pacific Time

  1. Welcome and Introduction: Ms. Emily McGrath, NextFlex
  2. Remarks by The Honorable Alex Lee, California State Assembly
  3. Technology Needs Perspective: Karen Bradford, NASA Ames Research Center
  4. Industry Perspective: Dr. Sarah Mastroianni, Dupont
  5. Perspectives on STEM Learning and DEI: Dean Jeff Pallin, Mission College
  6. NextFlex Perspective: Ms. Courtney Power, NextFlex
  7. Discussion of STEM, DEI, and the Future Workforce: All, moderated by Emily McGrath
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