Jan 24, 2022

Talk 1: High-throughput Printing of Ultrafine Resolution Electronics, Sensors and Wafer Level Packaging on Rigid and Flexible Substrates & Talk 2: Flexible Hybrid Electronics In Space

This one-hour webinar from the NextFlex Massachusetts Node will feature two talks from prominent thought-leaders in the area of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE).

The first talk, from Dr. Ahmed Busnaina, distinguished professor at Northeastern University, will introduce us to a new additive manufacturing technology for making micro and nanoelectronics that proposes to significantly reduce the cost of current conventional semiconductor manufacturing.
The second talk will feature Dr. Jonathan Nichols from Lockheed Martin’s space site in Billerica, MA. Dr. Nichols will share an overview of current and past Lockheed Martin FHE projects for defense and intelligence applications.