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NextFlex News – May 2023

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight

We are hoping to see many of you at our next workshop, The Hybrid Electronics Commercialization Path for Aerospace Applications, in Renton, WA on June 26 – 28. On the evening of the 26th, there will be an excellent welcome reception at the Museum of Flight where attendees will be able to see the new “Art of Flight” exhibit, partake in food and drinks, and network with other guests. All-day access to the museum is included with the workshop tickets.

Attendees will also be able to tour Boeing’s Renton 737 factory, the most efficient airplane factory in the world. More than 14,500 commercial airplanes (707, 727, 737, and 757) or about 30 percent of the worldwide fleet flying today were built in Renton.

In terms of technical content, there will be three sessions packed with technical presentations on the state of the art, R&D and manufacturing activities, and application needs and requirements. Panel discussions and sidebars will focus on commercialization, licensing, and the path to market. Presentations will include goals and objectives identified by the commercial manufacturers, Department of Defense, Boeing, and NASA.

Session I will focus on the adoption of hybrid electronics-enabled technologies into aviation and atmospheric flight applications. Due to long product cycles and risk-averse development environments, implementation of these technologies in aerospace environments faces a significant hurdle. There is, however, a silver lining, which is driven by the need for unique performance capabilities which opens this tech domain. Similarly, long product development cycles offer an opportunity for product longevity once the technology is implemented. Subject matter experts will discuss both commercial and defense applications where hybrid electronics have demonstrated promising capabilities, including integrated radar systems, low-cost attritable platforms, and high temperature electronics for hypersonics.

Session II will focus on opportunities for adoption of hybrid electronics for space applications, ranging from terrestrial manufacturing of satellites and spacecraft to additive manufacturing of electronics in space or on the surface of the Moon and Mars. Hybrid electronics are poised to play a significant role in future space applications, especially in the rapidly grown commercial space industry. New capabilities in space are soon to be enabled by these new products based on hybrid electronics.

Session III will focus on aligning the community on how hybrid electronics will be commercialized and adopted by stakeholders in the aerospace and space industries over the next few years. Presentations will focus on identifying near-term opportunities for technology adoption and how the community can address shared challenges.


Salty’s on Alki Beach

In addition to the aforementioned sessions, there will be a keynote from a Boeing executive, panel discussions featuring innovative thinkers, and opportunities for attendees to bring demonstrators and posters to present at the workshop. Breakfasts, lunches, and some transportation are included in the price of admission, plus, for NextFlex Members, there will be a special dinner at Salty’s on Alki Beach with the most spectacular view of the Seattle skyline.

To learn more about the workshop, visit our website:

I am really hoping you decide to join us!


Malcolm J. Thompson, Ph.D.
NextFlex Executive Director

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