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Success Story: AFRL Confined Space Monitoring Armband

Overview Every year, workers are injured and killed due to the build up carbon monoxide/dioxide and the high prevalence of volatile organic compounds while working in confined spaces. These problems are further compounded by the narrow entry and exit points from these spaces. Current methods of monitoring worker health and …

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Success Story: NASA Astrosense (In-space manufacturing, multi material fabrication with printed electronics)

Overview NASA developed a next-generation wearable flexible sensor array for astronaut crew health monitoring, also known as “AstroSense”. Multi-disciplinary teams from Marshall Space Flight Center, Ames Research Center, and Flight Surgeons at Johnson Space Center all collaborated with NextFlex to design a wearable sensor array aimed at monitoring astronaut’s health …

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GE Research Developing Sensors for Wind Turbines

Printed Electronics Now, by Dave Savastano, 10/12/20 With growing interest in renewable energy, there is increasing use of wind energy. Once the wind turbines are up and running, maintaining the blades are a key expense and challenge, especially as some wind turbines are located as far as 25 miles out …

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NextFlex News – October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends, One of the most important roles a member can have is to serve on the NextFlex Governing Council. This body comprised of members and government advisors provides broad oversight of all consortium activities. New representatives are elected from the member tiers and rotate in as opportunities …

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Success Story: GE’s wearable sensor platform for medical devices

Overview General Electric quickly recognized that wearables are increasingly becoming the future of both the technology and health sectors. With this forethought in mind, GE Global Research partnered with Binghamton University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Infinite Corridor Technologies and NextFlex to develop a revolutionary, ubiquitous sensor systems for medical devices and …

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