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2017FLEX Keynote

Member Flex and NextFlex are teaming up to deliver a keynote next month at 2017FLEX in Monterey, California. Speaking to this year’s conference theme of “Accelerating to Manufacturing,” Dr. Anwar Mohammed, senior director of the Advanced Engineering Group at Flex, and Jason Marsh, NextFlex director of technology, are set to deliver a talk during the June 20th opening plenary entitled “Flexible and Stretchable Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing for Wearables: Challenges and Solutions.”


The 2017FLEX Conference keynote will showcase the dual perspectives of Flex, one of the largest volume global manufacturers of smart products, and NextFlex, America’s Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, fully connecting the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions for achieving large scale manufacturing of wearable electronics. Flex will describe the most challenging manufacturing problems facing the wearables industry, such as water ingress, flexibility/stretchability, interconnection, and the lack of standards for reliability testing followed by potential solutions in emerging manufacturing technologies such as nanomaterials, low temperature soldering, stretchable conductors, printable batteries and water resistant coatings. NextFlex will then outline relevant development projects now underway at the Institute focused on these and other issues, and provide insight on how collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government is a model for realizing the promise of manufacturability of wearables and enabling the commercialization of novel new products in this growing market.

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Anwar Mohammed, Flex
Dr. Anwar Mohammed is a senior director within the Advanced Engineering Group of Flex, an international manufacturing company with an annual revenue of over $20B. Dr. Mohammed has over twenty years of active and prominent involvement in the Microelectronics manufacturing technology space. He is an acknowledged industry leader in developing advanced technologies for the wearable technology and stretchable electronics landscape. He is a seasoned IP strategist with a keen sense for intellectual property development with a portfolio of over 40 patents to his name. Dr. Mohammed was recently honored as a NextFlex Fellow in 2017 and is also a Fellow of International Microelectronics and Packaging Society since 2011. Dr. Mohammed has been regularly invited as a key note speaker to many conferences to share his vision on wearable technologies and stretchable electronics.

Jason Marsh, NextFlex
Jason Marsh is responsible for setting the technical direction of NextFlex, including managing Technical Council activities. Prior to joining NextFlex, Jason worked in Japan, India, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, and China, where he lived between 2003 and 2008, establishing greenfield factories for Kyocera. As Vice President at Insulectro, Jason focused on new materials and supply-chain strategies for the printed circuit board and flexible hybrid electronics industries, focusing on high reliability applications. Jason studied materials science and robotics at Stanford University, and worked on early versions of 3D printing using ceramics and metals, as well as developed instruments for physics experiments such as Gravity Probe B. He has served on advisory boards and consulted for companies in artificial intelligence, outdoor equipment, solar power, and agriculture.

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