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NextFlex Nodes

NextFlex has two types of nodes that contribute to the strategic mission of NextFlex, but which differ in purpose, obligations, and benefits. Groups with interest in forming a Node should first discuss this with the NextFlex Director of Commercialization or Executive Director. The information on this page is intended as a set of guidelines intended to help the applicants identify the criteria by which the NextFlex Governing Council will evaluate the Node application, not as a set of rigid rules or criteria for formation. The information in this application will be provided to the NextFlex Governing Council for its consideration of official Node recognition. Only by recognition of the Governing Council can a node be created, and Node status will be reviewed annually. In all cases, the Node applicant must demonstrate its commitment and plan to sustain membership.

The two types of nodes:

1. Nodes sponsored by a State or other 3rd party for creation of a capability or facility

This type of Node receives funding from a State or other 3rd party for the purposes of creating a new capability, facility, or activity that is coordinated and aligned with NextFlex interests, and to which NextFlex members will have access at preferential terms. The 3rd party financial commitment is expected to be on the order of $5 Million to the Node over 5 years, above and beyond the NextFlex dues and cost-share of the member organizations that participate in the Node. The 3rd party organization that contributes the funding will receive one non-voting observer seat on the NextFlex Governing Council and Node participants will continue to hold their direct or represented seats according to their participation tiers.

2. Organic groupings of members focused on a specific technical area

This type of Node is for a collection of members that all have expertise and capability in a particular technical area and have not yet secured 3rd party support for creation of a new capability, facility, or activity (or in cases where that support does not rise to the level of the first category). To qualify for this Node status, the collective dues and in-kind commitments of the Node participants will be $5 Million over 5 years, and the cost-share can be applied at the NextFlex Hub or the Node. This node will receive a non-voting observer seat on the Governing Council to be held by a representative chosen by the Node Participants; this non-voting seat will be in addition to any seats already held by node participants.


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