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Project Call 6.0 Details

Accelerating Tech Innovation & Commercialization

Project Call 6.0

Project Call 6.0 (PC 6.0) focused on areas identified in the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Roadmap developed by NextFlex Technical Working Groups. This technology roadmap was developed by industry, government, nonprofit, and academic subject matter experts, then reviewed by the Institute’s Technical and Governing Councils. Project call topics address gaps where the manufacturing readiness lags behind other aspects of the flexible electronics ecosystem.

A wide range of topics comprised this latest project call. The topics were developed by both the Manufacturing Thrust Area and Technology Platform Demonstrator Technical Working Groups to address general and specific advanced manufacturing challenges. Physical hardware deliverables were still strongly desired, and for some topics, were required.

Topics for PC 6.0 included:

NextFlex-funded topics:

  • PC 6.1: High Performance and Multi-Layer FHE Devices
  • PC 6.2: Improving the Reliability of FHE Devices
  • PC 6.3: FHE Demonstrators for Monitoring Systems
  • PC 6.4: Advanced FHE Materials Demonstrator
  • PC 6.5: Closed-Loop Process Monitoring for Printed Component Manufacturing
  • PC 6.6: Advanced FHE Modeling and Design Tools
  • PC 6.7: System Development of RF/Microwave FHE Technology
  • PC 6.8: Open Topic for New Project Leads

DoD Agency-funded topics:

  • PC 6.9: Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) for Highly Integrated and Compact Interconnects for RF Systems
  • PC 6.10: Conformal / Flexible FHE-based Active mm-Wave Phased Array Apertures

PC 6.0 projects have been awarded and announced.

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