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NextFlex Teams Up with Boeing for Second National Expansion of Workforce Development Program

Boeing awarded $250,000 toward a workforce development initiative in partnership with Alabama Community College System.

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Case Study: Inspiring a New Generation of Talent through STEM Education

Leading FlexFactor® partner Jabil creates immersive experience to inspire careers in advanced manufacturing among high school youth.

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Delivering on the promise of Electronics on Everything

More than 400 FHE leaders convene to view cutting edge demos and to push the boundaries and the flexibility of electronics.

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We are engineers. Designers. CTOs. CEOS. R&D Rock stars. Geniuses. Leaders. Hundreds of the best & the brightest. We are here. We are ready.

We are the pioneers of tomorrow. An elite team of thought leaders, innovators, problem solvers and manufacturers — At the ready.

Meet some of NextFlex’s Most valuable players

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NextFlex is turning the large-scale manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronic systems into a reality.

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The formation of NextFlex has been a benefit to the rapidly expanding field of Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE). Formed in 2015 through a cooperative agreement between the US Department of Defense (DoD) and FlexTech Alliance, NextFlex is a consortium of companies, academic institutions, non-profits and state, local and federal governments with a shared goal of advancing U.S. Manufacturing of FHE. Learn more.

We are manufacturers.

We are innovators.

We are educators.

It takes people coming together from across the United States in industry, academia and state, local and federal governments to collaborate and coordinate their efforts to move what are a series of good ideas from R&D, into commercial production, and to then have a skilled and available workforce able to manufacture the solution at the other end. And at the center of all of these efforts, acting as the connective tissue binding everything together, is NextFlex.

What are the benefits of joining NextFlex?

  1. Gain competitive advantageBecoming a member of NextFlex positions your organization for recognition as a member of a small community of thought leaders that are driving manufacturing innovation.
  2. Enhance your supply chainYou’ll create connections with a wide array of “first movers” that are likely to play a critical role in your company commercializing its next big product. You’ll be able to leverage NextFlex expertise to move along the experience curve faster, at less cost, with reduced chance of project failure.
  3. Identify best practicesNextFlex is developing the competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines including control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations that will become the standard used by all FHE players.
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“NextFlex will advance flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing, enabling domestic production of this critical technology.”
“... hybrid electronics has the potential to bring significant performance improvements and new design standards for aerospace and defense applications.”
“With FHE, we can take a product that already exists or one that is an idea, and design a novel wearable product that provides unique functionality that previously was not realized.”
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NextFlex News – April 2019 Newsletter

Great Partners, Great Progress
We’re off to a great start in 2019, with lots of project activity and member engagement. Earlier this month, Boe …

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New Advanced Manufacturing Technology Curriculum Designed to Serve the Workforce Development Needs of NextFlex Members

By Emily McGrath, Deputy Director of Workforce Development, NextFlex
Evergreen Valley College (EVC), San Jose, CA, in partnership with NextFlex a …

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Member Alert: Project Call 5.0

Project Call 5.0 is slated for release on June 10, 2019, this Member Alert is to announce the call for topics and schedule associated with the pr …

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NextFlex’s FHE Applications for Aerospace Workshop a Resounding Success

By Scott Miller, Director of Strategic Programs, NextFlex
The latest NextFlex workshop was a deemed a tremendous success in terms of the diversit …

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Check out this new, immersive entrepreneurship program engaging students across the U.S.

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As NextFlex Members, Companies large and small are teaming up with academic institutions, nonprofits and governments with one mission ­— to advance the flexible hybrid electronics’ manufacturing ecosystem in America.

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NextFlex Member ACI Materials
NextFlex Corporate Observer-Level Member ALine
NextFlex Honorary Member Blach
NextFlex Corporate Tier 3 Member Carpe Diem Technologies
Hitachi Chemical - a NextFlex Member
NextFlex Corporate Tier 3 Member Imprint Energy
Kuprion - a NextFlex member
NextFlex Corporate Tier 3 Member Lamar Enterprises
NextFlex Tier 2 Member SRG Global
NextFlex Member - University of Colorado Boulder Logo
NextFlex Academic Tier 3 Member University of Delaware
NextFlex Member Vivonics
NextFlex Corporate Tier 3 Member WL Gore
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