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America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute

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NextFlex’s mission is to advance U.S. manufacturing of Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE). NextFlex delivers on this mission through public-private partnerships that facilitate technology innovation and commercialization, accelerate manufacturing workforce development, and promote a sustainable ecosystem for advanced manufacturing. Taking advantage of the ability to conform to organic shapes, electronic capability can now be incorporated into new and emerging consumer and industrial products that, when combined with rapid advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence, enable real-time decisions. FHE and printed electronics also deliver on the promise of manufacturing electronics in higher volume, at lower costs. At NextFlex, we help our members optimize FHE techniques through technology roadmapping activities and via our pilot line, where manufacturing and electronics assembly processes can be tested and proven.


If you have questions about our membership system, the use of our fabrication facility, our Project Calls, or something else, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Press | 09.09.21

Dual Verticals Help Additive-Manufacturing Ace Add On

Dual Verticals Help Additive-Manufacturing Ace Add On

Press | 06.22.21

Closing the Skills Gap: Defense Department builds pipeline through youth STEM program

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Press | 05.05.21

Manufacturing Innovation Institutes Integral to U.S. Pandemic Response

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Press | 04.27.21

Gaining warfighter advantage with flexible hybrid electronics

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Press | 04.07.21

Danger sensors: How wearable military electronics can prevent work accidents

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As NextFlex Members, Companies large and small are teaming up with academic institutions, nonprofits and governments with one mission ­— to advance the flexible hybrid electronics’ manufacturing ecosystem in America.

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