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Manufacturing USA

Accelerating Advanced Manufacturing in the U.S.

Manufacturing USA® exists to secure U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing by connecting people, ideas and technology.

Our network of 14 advanced manufacturing institutes span a range of key technology areas and bring together manufacturing, government, and academia. Through the coordination of public-private partnerships we’re able to develop promising early-state research, propel new products to market, and train the next advanced manufacturing professionals. These efforts strengthen domestic innovations, manufacturing readiness, and products made by a skilled U.S. workforce.

Manufacturing USA’s network of institutes reaches more than 1,300 member organizations. Combined they work on over 270 major research and development projects to solve the U.S. manufacturing industry’s toughest challenges using advanced manufacturing technology, leverage $2B in private investment and $1B in federal funds, and train more than 200,000 people on advanced manufacturing skills. Together, we are securing the nation’s future. Join us to learn more.

Manufacturing USA's Innovation Institutes

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