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Latest News: NextFlex News – December 2018 Newsletter

We’re Growing Again As capability in the Technology Hub gains momentum, NextFlex needs new skills and abilities to design, develop, print, integrate devices and test FHE-enabled devices and manufacturing processes. We’ve expanded our technical team to accommodate all these activities and the following staff joined NextFlex over the past six …

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Featured Press: Sensors and FHE Need Each Other: A Look Inside a Key Relationship

MEMS Journal

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and sensor technologies are a perfect match for each other. Nearly every current application of FHE technology that either NextFlex or our partners are working on involve sensors, so it’s beneficial for both platforms to grow and thrive alongside each other. Of course, these benefits ultimately carry down to the applications that use both FHE and sensors, such as chemical sensing systems and human health/fitness monitoring devices. When we drill down into this topic, it shows a unique symbiotic relationship that’s critical to the development of next-generation manufacturing.

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Featured Event: FLEX Conference

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa, Monterey, CA, USA

The 18th Annual Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition - FLEX 2019 - will be returning to the Monterey, California, February 19-21, 2019. FLEX 2019 - Building Outside the Box. Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) are high-performance, integrated devices. Curved and variable in form factor, they augment day-to-day life with diverse applications, enabling us to interact with our surroundings like no personal computing devices have ever before. As new methods for creating them emerge, business and supply chain paradigms are increasingly challenged. That’s what Building Outside the Box is all about. Thought-leaders will highlight the latest technology breakthroughs and business strategies, and provide informative demonstrations of flexible hybrid and printed electronics products, equipment, and materials, as well as the unique electronics applications they enable.

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Project Call

Through the Project Call, NextFlex focuses on accelerating technology innovation and commercialization through pre-competitive partnerships. Learn about our current Project Call, details about past calls, and what’s coming up for future Project Calls.

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