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Binghamton University to Offer NextFlex FlexPro Training

By Pete Abramovs, Senior Manager Workforce Development, NextFlex

NextFlex recently partnered with State University of New York at Binghamton to expand our FlexPro Workshosp to Binghamton’s campus in upstate New York. FlexPro Workshops are hands-on technical trainings designed to immerse professionals into the design and manufacturing processes associated with flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), as well as familiarize participants with applications and benefits of FHE technology: light weighting, thin and conformal form factors, all-digital design and manufacturing, and speed to market. Through technology overviews, hands on activities, and team-based design thinking sprints, participants build awareness and knowledge about how FHE can improve product form, function, and design. The program is customizable in terms of focus and length, ranging from four hours to two days depending on desired outcomes.

“As an Innovation Institute, we recognize that we can’t successfully build a market, nor a fully functioning ecosystem for flexible hybrid electronics, without also focusing on building awareness, interest and engagement amongst the existing community of professional engineers and product developers, both inside and outside of the current advanced manufacturing sector. With FlexPro, we are able to reach these critical players with a program that helps to demonstrate the power of FHE as an enabling and transformative technology while providing a hands-on opportunity to learn more about the technology, and to get up-close and personal with how it can transform a company’s portfolio of products and services across a broad spectrum of applications. We are excited to be working with an organization as agile and innovative as Binghamton University to help deliver this important program,” said Emily McGrath, Director of Workforce Development at NextFlex.

FlexPro Workshops at Binghamton University will be led by Mark Poliks, Professor of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering and Director of the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM). FlexPro Workshops will leverage the CAMM research center, allowing participants to explore the application of roll-to-roll processing methods, including large-area photolithography, to flexible electronics and displays.

For more information about FlexPro Workshops, visit the NextFlex website.