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New Human Health and Performance Monitoring Symposium Announced

NextFlex announced a new half-day symposium, entitled “Monitoring People Inside and Out for Health and High Performance,” to be held August 6 at NextFlex in San Jose. Human monitoring systems have been an active area of manufacturing capability development and technology demonstrations throughout NextFlex’s first four years. Simultaneously, the field of wearable devices, unobtrusive, non-invasive, and minimally invasive monitoring and therapeutic devices has grown rapidly during this time.

This half-day interactive symposium will bring together NextFlex members and the broader community to discuss new and emerging application areas that are maturing to the stage that they may be suitable for NextFlex focus, the current state of the field, and manufacturing capabilities and challenges.

Participants will include technology developers and researchers in human health and performance, manufacturers, and supply chain partners, as well as interested DoD and civilian end-user communities. An objective for the symposium will be to identify possible new and continuing areas of NextFlex investment broadly related to human monitoring. This symposium is free for NextFlex members and government partners, and will include lunch.

Interested NextFlex members and government partners may register here