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Innovation Day 2019 Better Than Ever

NextFlex Executive Director Malcolm Thompson welcomes attendees to the Innovation Day 2019 panel

On Thursday, August 8, NextFlex held its fourth annual Innovation Day which was attended by over 350 industry, academia and government partners. All in all, it was an outstanding day at NextFlex, and attendees reported having learned about new FHE technology applications and making critical new connections.

In 2018 it was determined that the event had finally outgrown the capacity of the NextFlex facility, so this yearthe demonstrators were housed in a tent built in the parking lot behind NextFlex. The air-conditioned tent accommodated all the 48 exhibits that included a light-weighted drone from DuPont, a live stretching demonstration of a large Sensor Array by Acellent Technologies, Stanford University and UTRC, a Soft Robotic Exoskeleton that is part of a NextFlex-funded project with Lockheed Martin and Georgia Tech, a live demonstration of a cyclist wearing a sweat patch monitoring device, and much more.

Attendees enter the Expo Pavilion to view demonstrators from exhibiting members

Rick Merritt’s article in EE Times, Flexible Design Pursues PDK, Power, featured member demonstrators and quoted panelists speaking about how FHE is overcoming barriers presented by traditional rigid electronics.

In the afternoon, attendees were welcome to tour the NextFlex office’s Technology Hub where companies can use the state-of-the-art equipment to reduce product costs and product development cycle times, leverage all-digital design flows, and develop environmentally friendly manufacturing capabilities.

The day prior, on Wednesday, NextFlex hosted its Technical Council meeting, attended by 111 subject-matter experts who heard project presentations on both concluding and newly started projects and updates on engineering and manufacturing capabilities now available at the Technology Hub.

The entire NextFlex team would like to thank all of our attendees and participants, and we look forward to hosting even more of you at next year’s Innovation Day, which we intend to make even bigger and better!