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Member Alert: Project Call 5.0

Project Call 5.0 is slated for release on June 7, 2019, this Member Alert is to announce the call for topics and schedule associated with the project call. Technical Working Group (TWG) Co-leads are working to prepare for inputs from the TWG volunteers, and NextFlex wants to ensure that all members have the opportunity to influence project call topics. For PC5 we are planning to adjust our approach compared with earlier project calls to target a larger number of projects that are shorter in duration. More specifically, we’re planning to release topics for projects ranging from six to twelve months and funded amounts between $150K to $500K (plus cost-share).

This project call will be focused primarily on manufacturing challenges. Both MTA and TPD TWGs are highly encouraged to submit topic ideas, and we ask that they focus on enabling manufacturing capabilities rather than on a fully integrated device capability. Projects are still highly encouraged to produce demonstrator deliverables, but the goal would be for to demonstrate a manufacturing capability rather than a fully operational device. (As an example, a project may emphasize printed microfluidics for human monitoring, but it should not require a completely packaged device with power, Bluetooth, etc.)

Consistent with previous project calls, TWG Co-leads will submit candidate project call topics based on technology roadmap gaps. To encourage diverse inputs, we strongly encourage the full TWG membership recommend topic ideas and any NextFlex member may recommend topic ideas through the TWG Co-leads listed below:


TWG Category Name Role
ASSET MONITORING SYSTEMS Robert Smith Corporate Co-Lead
Pradeep Lall Academic Co-Lead
Ken Blecker Gov’t Co-Lead
HUMAN MONITORING SYSTEMS Azar Alizadeh Corporate Co-Lead
Jeff Morse Academic Co-Lead
Christian Whitchurch Gov’t Co-Lead
INTEGRATED ARRAY ANTENNAS Joseph Kunze Corporate Co-Lead
Alkim Akyurtlu Academic Co-Lead
Steven Weiss Gov’t Co-Lead
SOFT ROBOTICS Deepak Trivedi Corporate Co-Lead
Chuck Zhang Academic Co-Lead
Geoff Slipher Gov’t Co-Lead
MODELING & DESIGN Jim Huang Corporate Co-Lead
Suresh Sitaraman Academic Co-Lead
Phil Buskohl Gov’t Co-Lead
MATERIALS James Lamb Corporate Co-Lead
John Williams Corporate Co-Lead
Joey Mead Academic Co-Lead
Giuseppe Di Benedetto Gov’t Co-Lead
Kate Duncan Gov’t Co-Lead
Massood Atashbar Academic Co-Lead
Jeremy Ward Gov’t Co-Lead
STANDARDS, TEST, & RELIABILITY Chris Jorgensen Corporate Co-Lead
Poliks, Mark Academic Co-Lead
Emily Heckman Gov’t Co-Lead
FLEXIBLE POWER Michelle Farrington Corporate Co-Lead
Devin MacKenzie Academic Co-Lead
Enoch Wang Gov’t Co-Lead
DEVICE INTEGRATION & PACKAGING Stephen Gonya Corporate Co-Lead
Nancy Stoffel Corporate Co-Lead
Mark Poliks Academic Co-Lead
Bruce Hughes Gov’t Co-Lead

Topics will also be solicited from the NextFlex Government Working Group and from NextFlex. We request topic ideas to be described in one paragraph and include a maximum funding amount between $150K and $500K.  In one paragraph, each topic should detail the manufacturing need, the context of the need, and high-level requirements, and will evaluated based on focus and specificity.

Tentative schedule for Project Call 5.0 is as follows: 

For more information, please contact Scott Miller at