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Member Spotlight: SI2 Technologies

Meet SI2 Technologies.

SI2 Technologies, Inc., is a high-technology, small-business firm founded in January 2003, and is a leading developer of antenna, array, absorber and sensor products and services for the defense and aerospace markets. We specialize in low profile, wide bandwidth solutions for antennas, and in high precision advanced absorber products.

What would you like others to know about SI2 Technologies and its capabilities?

SI2 offers a unique combination of RF design expertise, conventional manufacturing expertise, and additive manufacturing expertise for Flex Hybrid Electronics development. Our additive manufacturing capabilities include 2D printing (e.g., 48”-wide web for inkjet printing on flexible substrates), 2.5D printing (e.g., printing frequency-selective surfaces onto curved vehicle structures), and 3D printing (e.g., printing planar and non-planar antennas using dissimilar materials); see Figure 1. We can also integrate COTS ICs and passive components with manufactured parts, yielding “smart” hybrid devices.

NextFlex Member SI2 (Left) FHE Wireless Energy Harvester; (Right) 3D-Printed 4 x 4 Antenna Aperture

Left: FHE Wireless Energy Harvester; Right: 3D-Printed 4 x 4 Antenna Aperture

Why is SI2 Technologies interested in Flexible Hybrid Electronics? What opportunities do you see?

FHE is expanding the RF design and manufacturing space with materials and approaches that have not traditionally been available for such applications. We have provided custom designs meeting challenging size, weight, and power constraints, and we see FHE as an enabler for advanced designs. SI2 pursues contract research and development opportunities throughout the DoD.

How did you get involved in NextFlex, and what are you seeking to achieve through NextFlex?

SI2 is proud to have been the first member of NextFlex. We team at both the tactical and strategic levels on programs and for specific solutions, so NextFlex allows us to both stay current with technology applications and meet potential partners. We would encourage companies with complementary technical capabilities and a desire to partner to reach out for joint business pursuits and customer solutions.

What types of activities has your company engaged in with NextFlex since becoming a member?

We participate in NextFlex Tech Council meetings, cooperative work on roadmaps, and, of course, networking. We are the newest representative member of the Governing Council; we have attended Innovation Days and are helping to plan for the upcoming workshop on how FHE can address the DoD’s needs. We have responded to multiple project calls and are currently executing on several Consortium contracts.

For more information about SI2, contact Jon Lathrop by email, call 978-495-5325, or visit