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Member Update: 3/25

Dear Members,

These are certainly unprecedented times as we face the worldwide threat from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Most of us have never had to face such a crisis; it reminds me of the Polio epidemic growing up in England where children died and some were crippled for life. It’s hard to imagine the far-reaching impact of this current crisis, both in terms of human lives and the economic impact. My thoughts are with you and your families – it is a time to stay safe, take care of ones loved ones and support each other.

Many of you will be working from home as we are, which has some family bonding benefits.  However it does make the job more difficult without those hallway conversations and easy access to co-workers.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. I miss you all!

Very sincerely,

Malcolm J. Thompson, Ph.D.
Executive Director