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New Workshop Announced: Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications

By Scott Miller, Director of Strategic Programs, NextFlex

NextFlex will host a new workshop May 15-16 at the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center in Crystal City, Arlington, VA. This workshop will bring together members of the US FHE ecosystem from both commercial and government organizations, as well as DoD personnel with operational needs. The goal is to share information about how flexible hybrid electronics will enhance warfighter capabilities.

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) make possible new form and function capabilities that can enable a multitude of applications for civilian, defense, and dual-use purposes. In developing new products for these application areas, many of the manufacturing challenges are the same, but the differences are significant, including the new technology integration path. To address these varied challenges, NextFlex has developed a workshop to bring together both sides of the issues, to share and learn, so that the FHE community can actively develop targeted approaches to solving the most critical DoD needs.

Through a day of presentations and panel discussions, participants will engage in a discussion of the current state of technology and manufacturing, the vision for what will be possible in the next several years, and DoD needs and requirements that FHE can address.  This day will feature sessions on:

The second day will feature breakout sessions for drilling down into specific topic areas. These sessions will match up needs and capabilities to inform NextFlex roadmap activities and future investments, and identify opportunities FHE technology demonstrators for defense applications.

Who Should Attend: NextFlex Members and Government Personnel

For more information and to register, visit the event page.