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FLEXINAR: Presented by Liquid Wire: Engineered Metal Gel Laminates Provide Stretchable Interconnect, Sensors and Wiring Solution

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Stretchability and pliability are key factors in the successful adoption of FHE into the wearables industry. Fluid phase conductors can be used to provide fatigue free interconnect, via and sensing solutions in applications where an FHE system is expected to undergo a high degree of dynamic deformation. Liquid Wire has developed methods for tuning the rheology of well-studied eutectic gallium alloys to allow commercial scale printing of liquid metal interconnects, vias and sensing topologies. Here we present a new class of printed conductor called a Metal Gel, consisting of liquid gallium-indium-tin with a cross linked oxide structure, and its application to human monitoring. Metal Gels can be used to direct print transducers, including pressure and stretch sensors, interconnect discreet FHE boards in a wearable assembly, and to build fully pliable multilayer circuits including surface mount components.

Presenter: Mark Ronay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Wire


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