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NextFlex and AFRL Host Tech Sprint

A two-day intensive workshop focused on fatigue monitoring of airmen concluded recently at AFRL in Dayton, OH. The Sprint involved 38 individuals working collaboratively on concepts that have the potential to serve pilots’ needs. Following an in-depth description of use cases by Regina Shia, a Scientist at AFRL’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, and a discussion of end user needs by active and retired Air Force pilots, five teams were formed comprised of NextFlex members and other companies active in developing products for use in military applications. Each team built conceptual probes using helmets, medical sensors, headphones, masks, and other components. Four pilots provided the teams with subject matter expertise for better understanding of real-life scenarios. Supporting the Sprint from NextFlex were Jeff Bergman, Engineering Manager, System Design & Industrial Partnerships, Zander Brandt, FHE Design Engineer, Process Technologies, Dr. Nick Morris, FHE Technology Manager, and Dr. Janos Veres, Director of Engineering. Feedback from participants was very positive and the face-to-face meeting allowed for significantly better understanding of Air Force needs and possible solutions. Several interesting concepts emerged that will allow AFRL to develop proposals for follow-up projects.


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