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NextFlex News – October 2017 Newsletter

It has been a busy few weeks since we were together for our big event last month, the fabulous NextFlex Innovation Day. Kind notes of appreciation from members and special guests continue to roll in. What a great day – the technology on display was fantastic, and I want to thank everyone who brought their “A” game – we could not have done it without you. There is a summary article about Innovation Day in this month’s newsletter that you might enjoy reading, to remind you of the highlights. On that day, we were pleased to announce our 80th member, Qualcomm, having just joined NextFlex. This is an important milestone as it points to the value our members create by being a part of the flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) community, and the important role that funded projects play in helping to develop FHE manufacturing technology. Paul Semenza, NextFlex Director of Commercialization, has provided a good update in this issue about the status of membership.

Perhaps the most noteworthy recent surprise was a request from US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and the Chancellor of the California Community College Office, Eloy Oakley, to visit NextFlex last week. They wanted to learn about FlexFactor™, our project-based learning program for high schoolers that is quickly gaining adoption across Silicon Valley and is poised to expand within the California Community College system and nationally. We were honored to have the opportunity to tell the FlexFactor™ story, to highlight the importance of preparing the next generation workforce for real jobs in advanced manufacturing, and I hope you will read the summary article that Brynt Parmeter, our Director of Workforce Development, Education and Training, included in this newsletter.

There are many important events coming up, including a new Workshop on “Powering the Internet of Everything,” November 6-8, at Georgia Tech, where participants will take a deep dive into how FHE will play a critical role in realizing the promise of the Internet of Everything, and specifically, how the question of power sources and power management are key to widespread adoption. I urge you to look at this new workshop and help us to spread the word.

As always, please keep the good ideas and inputs coming. We are At the Ready to provide support in all things FHE.

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-Dr. Malcolm J. Thompson