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NextFlex Recognizes Heroes of Flexible Hybrid Electronics with 2019 Fellow Award

NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Manufacturing Institute, acknowledged nine dedicated individuals who have made remarkable contributions to advancing the flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) ecosystem and industrializing the FHE manufacturing process at this year’s FLEX conference, during the third annual presentation of the NextFlex Fellow Award.

The winners received the Fellow Award for their work in accelerating the development of FHE in emerging technologies, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, and medical applications, as well as workforce development.

This year’s NextFlex Fellow Award winners are:

“The nine award recipients have been tirelessly working at the forefront of moving FHE development toward greater manufacturability and commercialization,” said Dr. Malcolm Thompson, executive director for NextFlex. “Partnering with NextFlex, these exceptional industry leaders are leading the charge to make ‘electronics on everything’ a reality in the near future, enabling innovative commercial and military applications that we couldn’t imagine today.”

These award winners have proven to be stellar advocates for advancement and development of FHE in their respective fields, replacing bulky and rigid form factors with flexible and wearable devices attached directly onto substrates for consumers, even human skin. In addition to recognizing these individuals’ phenomenal accomplishments, the awards acknowledge that collaborating with NextFlex and its members will significantly increase the pace of FHE technology development, manufacturing processes and commercialization, as well as inspire new markets and innovative products.