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Project Call 4.0 Preview

(UPDATE: Project Call 4.0 has now been released. To view the call, please CLICK HERE.)

Project Call 4.0 (PC 4.0) is scheduled for release on Monday, August 6, 2018. Here’s what’s in store:

PC 4.0 will continue to focus on the areas identified in the Flexible Hyrid Electronics (FHE) Roadmap developed by NextFlex Technical Working Groups. This roadmap is developed by industry, government, nonprofit, and academic subject matter experts, and reviewed by the Institute’s Technical and Governing Councils.

Topics for this latest project call have a diverse scope that represents technology and capability gaps that have been determined by the community over a wide range of application areas ranging from digital health to commercial aviation to national security needs. These areas traverse the spectrum from encapsulation technologies for wearables, to high performance and high layer count FHE to 3-dimensional electronic design software, to solutions for challenges in e-textiles as well as biochemical monitoring platforms and lightweight electronics for drones and UAVs.

Learn more at the following events:

The August 7th PC 4.0 Webinar is open to all.

NextFlex members who are unable to attend the August 8th PC 4.0 Overview and Topic Networking sessionwhich immediately follows that morning’s Technical Council meetingshould strive to attend the August 7th webinar, which will cover similar content.


PC 4.0 Webinar     Member-Only Overview & Teaming

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As of August 6, 2018, Project Call 4.0 has now been released. To view the call, please CLICK HERE.