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Project Call 3.0 Details

Accelerating Tech Innovation & Commercialization

Project Call 3.0

Initiated in May of 2017, Project Call 3.0 focused on areas of greatest technical need emphasized in the FHE Manufacturing Roadmap developed by NextFlex member company subject matter experts, as follows:

  • Printed circuit elements for RF and high-speed applications
  • Printed passives for FHE including materials, tools, and process documentation
  • Z-axis interconnect and via formation
  • Additive and semi-additive manufacturing methods for high density interconnects
  • Control- and/or condition-based monitoring applications for physical or perishable assets
  • Adaptive wearable or structural articles with soft robotics response
  • Development of a low-cost, high-performing multi-sensor system integrated in a user-friendly “wear and forget” format for medical or worker safety applications

Project Call 3.0 awarded 7 projects at a total value of $12M, comprised of cost-share contribution and $5M in government funding.

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