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Request for Letters of Support

We need your help.

As you know, NextFlex was awarded its first Cooperative Agreement from the Department of Defense in 2015 and will soon enter in to writing and submitting a new proposal for a second Cooperative Agreement. Our plan is to build upon the foundation created with our 100+ members and with our government partners to continue to increase value to the FHE community. To date, over 100M has been committed to be invested in FHE development and manufacturing projects, roadmaps for FHE technology and manufacturing have been established, the FHE community is growing and thriving, and our marquee workforce development programs are expanding across the country.

As a member of NextFlex, you have a stake in how our future is defined and how our evolution can best serve your needs. Our success as a public-private partnership is reflected in how well we respond to the needs of our members. So, we’re asking for your help in supporting our proposal for the next Cooperative Agreement which will fund the consortium activities you’ve said are important – the technical roadmaps, funded development projects, and workshops and learning.

You can help by writing a letter of support that will be attached to our formal proposal to the Department of Defense. We truly value our partnership and the opportunities that the next Cooperative Agreement will provide. Please send me your letter of support by January 10 and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime. Thank you very much for your help with this request.


Malcolm J. Thompson, Ph.D.

Executive Director