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The Top Ten Myths of Modern Manufacturing Dispelled by the NextFlex Engineering Team

  1. A career in manufacturing is boring.

The perception that manufacturing means doing the same thing day after day, is wrong! In many manufacturing companies, there is a constant introduction of new products, new processes and new things to learn including the latest state of the art technology.

  1. Manufacturing environments are old, dirty and dingy.

Truly modern electronics manufacturing is so clean you need to wear cleanroom suits and take an “air shower” to dust off microscopic particles when entering a clean, state-of-the art manufacturing environment!

  1. Manufacturing jobs aren’t critical to providing world class health or medical care.

The manufacturers of medical wearable devices, creatively designed by engineers, enable doctors to treat patients effectively, proactively and continuously and contributes to the world being a healthier place.

  1. If coding is your thing, then manufacturing isn’t for you.

Software and firmware are integral and essential to all areas of manufacturing in terms of direct product development and manufacturing, and they are critical to developing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure of a robust manufacturing ecosystem.

  1. Working in manufacturing means being stuck behind a desk.

Field service and testing involve all sorts of on-site activity to take measurements and to characterize functioning systems. This means you go to where the systems are installed, often at customer sites which can be located anywhere.

  1. Manufacturing is done overseas so there are limited opportunities within the US.

Manufacturing is a critical and vital part of the US economy and in many emerging technology areas, the US is recognized as a global leader.

  1. Manufacturing isn’t for individuals seeking creative freedom or the opportunity to creatively express themselves.

Engineers bring their creativity and passion to work every day. In fact, many of NextFlex’s engineers are amateur musicians that host on-site jam sessions for any and all interested parties. They also sponsor a drone flying club. Suffice it to say, the NextFlex team will do anything to have fun and test the limits of science!

  1. Jobs in manufacturing are largely automated and require minimal hands-on activity.

There’s nothing more gratifying than envisioning something, designing it and making it work, and then seeing it produced in the thousands, especially if the device can help people be more healthy, productive or safe.

  1. Robots play a bigger role than humans in modern day manufacturing.

Even when working with robots, a lot of design and technical issues require creativity and skill.  As industry moves closer to Manufacturing 4.0, you’ll need even more creativity and skill as you start applying AI/ML/Neural Networks to automate more sophisticated manufacturing lines.

  1. Manufacturing jobs lack prestige or influence.

Efficient manufacturing is what ensures devices are functional and affordable. In fact, it’s what allows you to replace the tech device that you just broke with a readily available and affordable new one. And, manufacturing’s quality controls are what ensure that the game consoles that you and your group of friends own, all work in the same manner. Besides, nothing tops seeing a person wearing and enjoying a device that you and your team manufactured!